Monday, June 28, 2010

1st hookup with cardiff 201a

Assalamualaikum, just got back fro work and started casting at 5pm with eejat. today we decide to cast at warzone.. its my first hookup using my brand new reel that is shimano cardiff 201a.. hehe and with maria angel kiss lure. next i hope will hookup a barra with this set. insya allah
till next time! :D

Lure: maria angel, yo-zuri crystal minnow
Leader line: 30lbs
Hits: 3
Hookup: 1

and not to forget.. the 200gm mangrove jack were caught and released :)


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nate with Prawnstar!

assalamualaikum all, just got back from work and i my father told me that nate and my cuzen dd dropped by at my house to take his prawnstar. in addition he gave me a picture of him with barramundi! and what makes me very surprise that he caught it with prawnstar! hehe kinda jealous though coz he took my dream of hooking that beauty with prawnstar! anyway congratz nate!! and thanks for buying prawnstar from me. hope you'll catch another monster with it!

Till next time!


Friday, June 25, 2010

prawnstar killer.

solid hook up. bleeding hehehe
5.30pm - 400g betutu on prawnstar orange killer.. catch n realese. ..

assalamualaikum. Schedule kraja ku bertukar lagi kana bagi off lagi ku iath ku ambil kesempatan casting masa off ani. Oh yes prawnstar heng lagi. kali ani prawnstar shrimp ku pakai pasal evironment air nya randah n tuhur. First, ku pakai skitterwalk egogear just misscall bulan2. garam ati ku pakai killer prawnstar ku, nda disangka betutu 400g naik about 1meter dari ku berdiri ia strike hehe.. Tiil next time.. chau


Friday, June 18, 2010

What a Fat Snake!


Just caught this when i was driving along the roadside of my home.. saw some movement at the pond and i was curious about it.. so without hesitating i stop my car and pulled out my fishing gear and use 'buyun' as my lure. i cast my lure near to the movement and WHAM! it took my lure. my line were drag violently and in my mind i was thinking maybe it was a real snake or kodomo dragon.. but i didnt care and continue fighting it.. and after a few minutes it stop fighting and i just drag it to me and it was a big snakehead! hehe yes! weighting around 1.5 kg. it was really fat! i guess it weight more than that but hehe this is my record so far.. alhamdulilah. after taken picture and etc i released it to another place so it will survive. :)

Till next time!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

bah jadi tah.

eejat with his prawnstar and new weapon abu garcia ambassadeur + fenwick.


Monday, June 14, 2010

New Spot for jack!

Thats the new spot for jack! everywhere there's JACK! JACK! and JACK!
and at the back.. the storm is coming! better move out fast!

Assalamualaikum all, yesterday me and mr.x found another ground of fishing jack. but we haven't explore all of the area due to lack of time, food and the weather.. miss a lot of hook up from jack and they were feeding frenzy at that time! i used just one lure yesterday and yes its PRAWNSTAR again.. i just loved the color ranga and it gives me more confident because of the brackish water. As my prawnstar just reach to the deepest part of the water, just a few flick there were a slight pull and another strong pull but alas the fish got away. This happened several times.. i only managed to get only a grouper and Jack. i hope one day we will explore this area again! till next time! thanks for viewing

note: after picture were taken fish were released.

Lure: Prawnstar Ranga Junior
Leader line: 15 lbs
Hits: Frenzy!
Hookup: 2


Kb-ians Friday hits..

-: Total Catch of the day: -
2nd Barra of the day 200g
1st 500g Barra with Original Prawn but not star..hehehe...
Hafis with live bait 400g ketambak
-:Above are all the cheated catches but its worth for the day: -
-:4th and Final Casted catch of the day a 500g M.J by Ejat with Prawnstar:-
3rd Casted caught a Cravalle Jack with Rapala Shad Rap
-:2nd Catch casted Baby M.J with trusted Prawnstar by Walid:-
-: 1st catch of the day by Walid with Prawnstar: -
What a tiring day of fishing last week friday, but I'm happy and feel satisfied eventhough i fish from 7am till almost 7pm but one great thing beside caught a fish was got the chances to fish and hangout with almost full squad of KB-ians team. Where walid, Hafish, eejat, Helmi and featuring from K025 Kenny and Mr.padddle boy..were present..hehehe..
But neway, the extra credit for that day was i caught both barramundi where walid as my background of the picture...he got a strike from barra but misses.still not his luck but one day he will..cause he will never give up...Believe it or not...Strange but true..hehehehe...But neway congratz to all that caught the fish on the day for those who dont never give up and try what Mr.paddleboy in his saying : - "IKAN BERENANG"..hahaha
To be continue....with more action ...


Thursday, June 10, 2010

how deep is your prawn~


At last lama dh menunggu hookup ah.. hir nya lbh dri 2 week memajal bru tah belurih heheh... bnyk saja miss dlm masa 2 week ne... kemarin yg ada mencast aku, malung, helmi, mr.x and mr. kenny. at first kmi mkai bnyk lure p langsung nada hit. c ken ada hit p sul nya mcm bulan2 p yg bnrnya hari 2 kmi hunting barra saja ah..den 2 jam bis 2 tkar ku pakai prawnstar majal saja ku pkai prawnstar ne.miss ku 1 drg c malung miss 1 jua and kenny miss 1 jua ah... lastly sebelum balik teliat ku ikan damit kana sambar. apa g umban saja tia... and hookup 200gm MJ. hehe... suk mau pajal lagi!

till next time!

and P.S to all PRAWNSTAR BUYERS within 1 week sampainya x ah package 2. ada ku text kmu semua 2 :)


Monday, June 7, 2010

Lua caya sama lua punya lure!!!

Baby Barramundi..wohhooo...400g pun jadilah!!Thanks to cameraman rois great choice for background..wahahaha banyaklah punya posing..
Surface popper gone wild..hehehe...Lure of the day..
Bon appetite..dinner serve prepared by Me..for family...
After for all this time misses of barra and lost of lure...Today, What a day at monster pond..just 1hour of fishing due to boat delay by rois and bad weather but finally every wasted time comes to worth..this is a proof that "Patient is the key of success". 400g baby barra successfully cooked and!!So happy..
This is my 4th catch of my new gear and suprisingly caught what i didnt expected with popper..rezeki tak kan kemana ..hehehe.Lastly,lid at least reply bah..miss call pun jadilah...hahahha....apa jua aku ni lid..hwahaha..goodluck esok lid..
To be continue...with more action and passion..


Friday, June 4, 2010

We cheated but not

..Today, Total catch of the day..How we do it?..Look what we've caught..
2nd Catch -->Rapala Shad Rap first hookups Baby M.J
Look and look the first catch of the day--> Baby G.T with Rapala Husky Jerk Original Minnow
Last minute plan, and early wake up call today out for fishing trip at Mr.Sangkar area..where 1st and 2nd hookups caught with Rapala lures and continue at @rea51 with live bait...
Tobe continue soon with more action and unknown anglerss...



Yesterday,Rapala surface popper did it again, while walid is bz on the phone as u can see at the picture..hehehehe...thats the only hookups and one huge miss call..argh...gonna get it soon!!!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

M.J and the Beast.

Baby Mangrove Jack with Surface Popper Tribute especially to bro promised..Sabar2 bro balik terus terjun kita orite...just ring me..aku ON ON..M.J was catched and safely released..That's the only catch for today walid esok lagi kita kasih panas...hahaha...

BEWARE ANGLERS..WE CARE ABOUT YOUR SAFETY. Its beautiful but Dangerous..Found this earlier than mangrove above..
To Be Continue....


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

sorry gambar inda berapa steady.... lalah sudah haha! kemarin patang casting pakai rapala husky jerk minnow.. ok. :D

dan untuk renungan bersama............



seekor kerapu.. he called himself Extreme Angler.. steady lah bro...


KB-ians ft KO25.

Sunday morning, went fishing again with KO25. casting plus umpan jua lah.. kalau ikut kan plan awal plg jalan tu tapi ada problem sikit paksa delay. hahaha. kami start around 11am kali, sampai 5pm kami chau, KO25 teruskan perjuangan.. nda tau lapas tu apa durang dapat ah hehe :D

casting inda berapa mau pagi tu pasal aing begarak laju surut jadinya menahan umpan saja.. semua ampit, MJ ada berapa kah, kerapu 2 ekor oleh si malong seekor beumpan and seekor lagi casting pakai soft bait..

kerapu ulih si malong casting pakai soft bait.. yang diblakang tu biasaaa... hahaha.

lunch time sponsored by KO25.. sambal tahai lagi haha!

and lapas lunch, we all tukar spot lagi and one of Ko25 member dapat ungah casting tapi nada gambarnya, maybe soon durang update.. just see arah blog KO25.

nice trip, thanks to KO25.. nanti lagi. hehe.


Saturday Trip..

Mangrove Jack ulih si Helmi masa ari sabtu pakai soft bait white rabbit. 700G. Congrats, haha ada bakal sudah ni join sifu Walid :p hahaha! mun sudah sampai rod patah tu. hehe.

then patangnya kami off to tutong , bawa helmi shopping rod lagi then off to JPMC. datang sana around 4pm and then cast until 6pm. si malung saja kana strike pakai minnow nya tapi bukan rezeki dibawanya bawah batu.. nanti lagi cuba..

selepas ngalih casting.. have a snapshot befo balik..


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