Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Snakehunting @ Spot-W

Berkley powerbait Minnow

Hinomiya Frog SP. i used a Transparent Green which are not displayed above the picture.


lure: Hinomiya Sp Frog, Berkley powerbait minnow.
leader line: 15 lbs
Hits: 7
Hookup: 5

Today i went fishing at Spot-W and experimenting on the Berley Powerbait minnow & Hinomiya Sp Frog.i used texas rig on both lures with weight on berkley & weighless on Hinomiya. From my view, these lures have a good action and attraction factor. The downside of these lures is that it can only be used once after a strike by the fish. The thing i like about these lures is that it is easy to use, rigged and the small size. i gave a rating of 8/10 for both of these lures. hehe

Till next Time!


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