Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mr.Snake owned by Pinky Winky BF! Tiger ON FIRE!

07th April 2010, Wednesday.
Hook Up Again!!hehehe....but this time tempat lain..Nda expect jua lahh tempat ane..but best giller!!!hahaha
Finally, First catch kai Lure Rapala, Popper and Fire Tiger...hahaha...Main Pajal jua lah...Memajal lah...

Catch: - 500g - 699g DALAK
Rod : - Abu garcia Conolon
Line : - Stren 14lbs
Lure: - Rapala Popper Fire Tiger.
Venue: - M-Spot 2..


Mr.Snake Fell for Ms.Pinky Winky


This is my second dalak catch..walaupun very mini dalak but still a meanie hahaha...happy jualh.

Rod: - Conolon Abu Garcia
Line: - Stren 14lbs
Lure : - Mini halco sorcerer pinkie winkie
Location : - M-Spot.

Till next time! :D


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