Saturday, February 6, 2010

What a Naughty Jack!

FRIDAY, 6th febuary 2010.

lure: Yo-zuri & bomber
leader line: 15 lbs
hits: 5
hookup: 1
line break: 1


on Friday morning we decided to hunt for mangrove jack and Barramundi at the fishing spot. As soon as we reached there, we saw lots of mullets fleeing from the spot as if there were a big fish hunting them. so i decided to use a green bomber and eejat use a Yo-zuri lure and we start cast. i receive a slight hit from an unknown fish and eejat also received a 2nd hit. we were confident that our lure is best for the situation there. Not long after that Eejat received a very strong hookup and it was a Barramundi! we saw its tail splashing all over and it appear to be a 3-5 kg barra but luck wasn't at our side.. the line broke just for only 10 sec..

Next without giving up i cast again and received a hookup. it was a jack and it pulled my lure to its ambush area and stuck my lure a some sort of a cotton fabrics. it took me nearly 15 min to pull this rascal out hehe and my remote alarm got soaked too.. hehe

we took a picture of it and released it to the wild :) till next time!

practice catch & release.


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