Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Fishing!

Sunday, 3rd January 2010.
Lure: Berkley Grub, Rapala Popper, Mini Double Tail Grub.
Hits: Random.
Hookup: 7

1st Strike Hafish! morning 7.00 am sharp!

Pacah dara shakespere c apis leh bulan2 ne hehe

2nd strike! Bujuk With brand new Black Grub. Very2 Effective
1st licence Bujuk With Brand New Black Smoked Grub! wow!
3rd Hookup with Grub. Dalak!
4th Hookup! Dalak

6th Hookup & the largest on a new spot XXX. Almost a L size

7th Hookup! mini Tarpon..

Assalamualaikum anglers & viewers,

Woke up early at 6.00 am.. cast with Hafish at 8th Street till 10 am.. hafish got the first hook up with the first starting cast! after that it was only misses.. The tarpon were not very active today so we decide to change to the Bujuk spot after we had our breakfast and buying the new killer black & Black smoked Grub. At the Bujuk spot, we received alot of hits! hafish and me received a big strike. we expecting it was a L size Bujuk. but unfortunately we were very panic and we didnt give a solid hookup to it..
At 2.30 pm. Eejat & Unc Suhaili decide to bring me to hunt tarpon again and we found a new Tarpon heaven spot and with only 1 cast, unc suhaili hookup an almost L size.. we received most of a strong hits but most of it were misses again.. The hunt Ends at 6.30 pm. Exausted but Fun!

Till next Time!


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