Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The darkest day of KB-ians anglers Team.

The only catch of the day - a small catfish after the boat sank.

Our first gaze to the sea

KB-ians anglers Member

The sinking boat

Assalamualaikum to all anglers, Its been a while since we update our blog and yet theres some fishing trip which we had done. Some trips weren't successful and some we manage to catch just the smallies. But what 'm going to share with you all is the trip that almost took our life away.

The plan was to fish at the KB breakwater using boat. At first everything was ok and the sea were not that rough. But as the tide were going down we just realize that our boat were drifted to the ocean and at the same time our engine were not igniting. Everyone were panic but we manage to start the engine again.. the worst part is when we are returning to the SG 2 estuary when the wave hit us and we almost sank with the boat. but alhamdullilah we didn't, only the boat sank.

So guys evethought fishing is our passion.. lifes is more precious.

Till Next Time!


Last August Extravaganza Vol 4

LEA Vol 4: The Night Finger mark.

Hilmi Caught a Finger mark snapper using live bait.


Last August Extravaganza Vol 3

LEA Vol 3: Prawnstar Just Did it again!

Caught by my uncle again at muara using Prawnstar ranging around 1 kg.


Last August Extravaganza Vol 2

LEA Vol 2: Live Bait on Dead zone.

1st catch of the day - estuary cod

2nd catch of the day - gumbir

3rd catch of the day - juvenile jack
last catch of the day - another juvenile jack

Bait: live Prawn
Hookup: 4
Hits: alot
Line break: 3
Leader line: 15 lbs
Mainline: 10 and 8 lbs


Last August Extravaganza Vol 1

LEA Vol 1: You Scum! I'll kill you!

A 200gm specimen just want to kill the scum frog.. hehe

Beauty of the Snakehead and Scumfrog

Lure: scumfrog
Hits: 2
Hookup: 1
Location: W-spot
Leader line: 15 lbs
Main line: 8 lbs


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