Friday, October 1, 2010

Ultra light Tackle Field test

Assalamualaikum. these 3 days i decided to try out my UL tackle in 3 locations and it proves that this tackle is most suitable in small and shallow area in addition fishes must be there hehe :) the cardiff area feels smooth when casting, retrieve speed is suitable for any condition from slow flowing water to fast moving water, and i really can't feel any vibration during retrieving! and with 4 lbs line it shoots even the smallest lures till 20ft distance like bullet! with this tackle i also can feel every hits and every bumps from the fish and structure beneth the water very2 sensitive.. but 2 of the cons this UL tackle is the knot im using... i have to be careful of tying the knot because i have lost 3 lures when casting it and now i'm trying to research a stronger knot. KO25 suggested me in using FG knot.. which i'm not really familiar with.. and its complicated to tie it haha!
the other cons of the UL tackle is when we're fishing at a windy condition, targeting spot will be very hard for it because lures and line tend to blown away by the wind. here's the latest catch with cardiff area and clarus:

Jack on Strikepro lure. ranging 100 - 150gm
the pull were very violent and i can feel every pull with the tackle!
another jack ranging below 100gm

jack on yuzori pin's minnow. kinda like the action of this lure :)

another hit from strike pro lure

a tryout on 'Pinky' storm lure

crevally jack on echogear shrimp lure

and lastly tarpon on echogear lure.

all fish ranging from 50gm to 150gm i guess. Its very enjoyable to fish and i suggest you guys to try it out and explore another game fishing experience. till next time and assalamualaikum

Lure: echogear shrimp, Yozuri pin's minnow, strikepro, storm Sp lures.
Hits: Frenzy!
Hookup: 10 i guess in 3 days. (some pictures were not taken)
Line: mainline: 4 lbs
Leader: 8 lbs


Flathead on SP lure

Consider as my first licence. hehe using a medium power tackle 8-14 lbs. fish were caught and released.

Lure: storm SP glow tiger
line: 10 lbs Mainline 15 lbs leader
Hits: 3
Hookup: 1

Till next time and assalamualaikum!


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