Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of 2009 Hunt

Morning, 31st december 2009.
Lure: rapala skitter Pop, Two tail Grub
Leader Line: 20 lbs
Hits: Alot!
Hookup: 2

Eejat went solo hunting on the tarpon spot. experimenting on his new lures and his new Tackle set ( abu conolon & abu cardinal ). Got lot of hookup and an unknown fish strike his lure aggressively until his spool drag screams like never before.. but unfortunately the fish got away..

First hookup! loving its size! wow! using rapala skitter popper

2nd hookup using two tail grub! a new successful experiment

Then the hunt continues, afternoon...

lure: berkley grub, two tail, skitter popper.
leader line: 15 lbs & 20 lbs
Hits: moderate
Hookup: 4

joined Eejat to hunt the unknown fish. but it there were no sign of it taking our lures..

3rd hookup walid. using berkley grub. a very2 small size cute snakehead.. eheh it was fun playing with this one..

out of nowhere.. tried again using berkley grub. a L size snakehead took my grub! loving that Size!

3 minutes after that eejat hook up another tarpon hehe HAT TRICK! yeah you're the best!

And the last hookup by walid Tarpon!

At the end we caught 6 fish. 4 tarpon! and 2 snakehead! the best casting session that we ever had during this year 2009... hope on year 2010 we will hunt a bigger size and all kb-ians members join the trips.
assalamualaikum and...

enjoy your new year wishing you prosperity and success in life!

Not to forget Special thanks to Selunsong team Anglers, K2G crew, Dark art Caster, Duo Fishing & KO25 for the Trips and experiences we have together in 2009. :)

Till Next time....


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