Saturday, October 23, 2010

Drag that 4 lbs!

snakehead on medium heavy tackle!

Welcome to the UL family, Anres Flit and Yuzori. both lures are under 6gm! yeah!

Tarpon on my custom pearl white colour. glad its working

my third barra for this year!! keep on coming and bring your parents!

Barra: "Grrr *munch* *munch* what you're looking at!?"

A 400gm specimen using 4 lbs line. drag my cardiff like woah!!

loving that Big eye! say cheese tarpy! hehe
Eejat: "Don't move! i love my calcutta, Don't scatch it!"

Eejat: "uuuyeah! Best!"

Till next time and assalamualaikum!


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