Monday, August 2, 2010

August first catch.

the juvenile snakehead
using the day and night grub hehe
and in the morning a red jack on surface popper!

Today i decided to have test my luck on saltwa,ter fishing on the london bridge.. just hookup a small jack using skitter pop.. hehe will try it again tomorrow.. i still haven't hookup a barra for 8 months so i hope tomorrow will be the day. insya allah and on the afternoon, my hunt continues with malung, dayat and nate to hunt snakehead. we receive alot of misses that evening and i hookup a juvenile snakehead at the last minutes before we went home.
Lure: rapala Skitter popper, Day & Night Grub
hits: 4
Hookup: 1 saltwater, 1 freshwater
leader: 15 lbs
mainline: 8 lbs

P.S: thanks to dayat CP7anglers and nate for the exciting snakehead hunting just now! pretty shock about the location just now. couldn't belive at first there were snakehead there heheh. :)
Till next time and stay tuned! :D


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