Thursday, January 21, 2010

Triple Salty & Freshy!

Afternoon, 21.01.10.

Lure: Rapala Original Floater, Rapala Shad Rap, Berkley Grub, ScumFrog
Leader Line: 15lbs & 20lbs
Hits: Alot!
Hookup: 6

Eejat & me went decided to hunt for saltwater fish again today at the same spot where i caught Jack yesterday. We started to cast at 3.00pm using rapala brand lures. It was very effective when presenting with a slow retrieve. After a few cast with my rapala original floater(bought it early in the morning! Really miss that lure!). A strong strike hit my lure and i hooked it up! A small GT hooked my Lure! yeah! Not long after that Eejat hooked up another fish! Eejat landed a fish called "umpak" using his shad rap! a rare license. After that we never stop casting to the same spot. made several cast and The Jack Hit my lure!

After that we decide to hunt for snakehead again. Made few cast and missed 3 hits. Eejat missed 2 hits not long after that. then i made a narrow cast and hooked up a small size snake head using berkley grub. Took a picture, released it then made few cast again. Hooked up another small snakehead. Eejat missed 1 large hit and decided to change to scumfrog lure. he made a very long cast. and the snakehead hit his lure. wait for several seconds and he pumped his Conolon rod like hell! The snakehead flew and got stuck at a tree nearby ahaha. we took the picture and decided to call it a day

Till next time! assalamualaikum

p/s pish.. tahan2 saja ah meli8 update ne ahahahahaha


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