Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Ultra Light Tackle!

Assalamualaikum, Just wanna share whats my new setup. hehe. i've been surveying and reading about this tackle setup and it really interest me in trying it because for the fun of it and the adrenaline rush even the fish are ranging 100gm to 300gm!

Rod: Shimano Clarus 2-6 lbs
Reel: shimano Cardiff Area 1000pgs
Line: berkley 4 lbs
Leader: berkley Vanish 8 lbs

Can't wait to try hooking up with this tackle!

My new Shimano Cardiff Area 1000PGS, weighting 175 gram, gear ratio is 4.3 . Fitted With only 4 lbs main line! and yes the cork handle!!!! SUGOI!!! and owh its made in japan. :D

My Rod: Shimano Clarus ACTION: FAST. POWER: ULTRA LIGHT, Line rating: 2-6 lbs! length 6'6 ft. can handle lure lower than 5 gram! hehe now thats the rod i've been looking for.

once they're fitted. its like they were meant to be together. hehe

another view of my new ultra light tackle setup. can't wait to try it hehe!

and my new lures. ranging from 2 gm to 4 gm.


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