Friday, March 5, 2010

Teaching The Walk to Snake

Tried using another lure to hunt snakehead. Alhamdulilah i got a new lure hookup on snakehead using Echogear Pencil lure.

so far my compilation of lure test on snakehead were:

Softbody Frog lure. (scumfrog, Eupro, Frogie)
Hardbody Frog lure. (bakau cyberfrog)
Popper ( Rapala Skitter pop)
Softbait ( Berkley Powerbait)
Spinner Hardbody frog lure. (eupro superior Spinner mode)
Minnow lure. ( eupro *my 1st catch*)
Pencil Lure. ( Echogear )

Till next time & assalamualaikum :)


Got Grub?

This morning a 200gm snakehead strike my berkley powerbait grub. Still searching for the monster which pulled my grub like hell.. and i was confident it wasn't a snakehead, maybe it was a giant Tarpon or.. i don't know. guess i have to hunt for it again.

Till next time :) assalamualaikum


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