Friday, January 8, 2010


Afternoon, 8 jan 2010

Bait: Live Prawn (^^,)
Leader Line: 15 lbs
Rig type: Floater
Hits: moderate
Hookup: 3

Planned to use live bait just for the fun of it.
Went fishing at the long forgotten spot where the KB-ians Anglers Team founded...
alot had changed in that spot and i was amazed by the new scenery..
hehe its been a while and just remembering the fun we had
at that spot... a very2 priceless memories....

miss this place.. just mesmerizing the view..

1st catch. Catfish.. huge and the fight was very good!

wow.. back in the old days I've remember there were only small jetty that fits only 5 person. but now looking at it maybe 20 people could fit in.

2nd Hookup. Tarpon! didn't expect to hook this there. just loving it flying to the air!

3rd hookup was a medium sized Malabar Jack (kalakitok) but didn't have the chance to took picture cause my battery were flat. hehe

Till Next Time, Assalamualaikum.


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