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The Barramundi produce eggs between the months of September and March with the build up period from October to December being the most important.
Barramundi eggs and larvae require salt water and spawning normally takes place in Marine bays and river mouths
Juvenile Barramundi [now200-300mm] migrate up the rivers and ito freshwater wetlands.
If the young do not have access to freshwater they will probably remain in coastal and estuarine areas to mature
After three to five years most of the freshwater Barramundi migrate back to the ocean to spawn

How to tell the age of Barramundi.

Length to age relationship are:

*��1-Year-old 30-40cm long,
*� 2-Years-old 50-60cm long,
*� 3-Years-old 60-80cm long,
*� 8-Years-old 1 Metre long

When do Barramundi change sex?

Barramundi change sex from male to female.
The size of the Barramundi can be a good indicator of the sex of the fish.
Most Barramundi mature as males [about50-60cm] and start to change sex to females at around 90cm but only if they live
in saltwater.

What do Barra eat?

Barra are fairly lazy opportunistic feeders they eat just about anything that lives in or around the water including prawns
small crabs and eaven each other.
The size of the prey is largly determined by the size of the Barra.
A larger Barramundi's diet consists of 60%fish and 40% crustaceans [mainly prawns],smaller barra eat mainly prawns.
This will vary according to where the fish is living.

How do Barra feed in dirty water?

Vision is probably limited in dirty water.
Barramundi utilise what is called a lateral line,which is a sensory organ that runs down both sides of the body.
The lateral line enables fish to detect vibrations in the water and so be able to locate prey and avoid predators.

The question of weather it is the colour or action of the lure that attracts the fish is difficult to answer,however it is probaly
a combination of both.

Barra Facts

*� Barramundi have been recorded up to 150cm long and with weights in excess of 40kg.
*� Barramundi are thought to live to around 20years of age.
*� Large female Barramundi can produce 32 million eggs in a single season.
*� Barramundi inhabit areas where the water temperature ranges between 20 to 35 degrees Celsius.
*� Barramundi can travel great distances in their life; one fish�was recaptured�600 kilometres away.

this article has been taken from, D'Crazy Guru.

hope everyone can practice it and caught a barramundi (selunsung), sooner or later. ;D


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