Friday, June 18, 2010

What a Fat Snake!


Just caught this when i was driving along the roadside of my home.. saw some movement at the pond and i was curious about it.. so without hesitating i stop my car and pulled out my fishing gear and use 'buyun' as my lure. i cast my lure near to the movement and WHAM! it took my lure. my line were drag violently and in my mind i was thinking maybe it was a real snake or kodomo dragon.. but i didnt care and continue fighting it.. and after a few minutes it stop fighting and i just drag it to me and it was a big snakehead! hehe yes! weighting around 1.5 kg. it was really fat! i guess it weight more than that but hehe this is my record so far.. alhamdulilah. after taken picture and etc i released it to another place so it will survive. :)

Till next time!


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