Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bujuk Attack!

Assalamualaikum Anglers & viewers..

Afternoon, 2.01.2010.

Lure: Berkley Grub
Leader Line: 15 lbs
Hits: Frenzy!
Hookup: 4
1st hookup! mini size but it was very fun watching it attack the grub Done by Walid
nampak alunan air dri belakang membubut grub and WHAM! 2nd Hookup Done by Walid
Hat Trick! Watching it Attacking the Grub just make my adrenalin pump faster! Done by walid
4th Hookup! using Double Tail Grub.. yeah! done by eejat
Weapon that we used: From Right- Shakespear & shimano slade 2500 (Hafishh), Rapala & abu Cardinal 201 (walid), Relix Power Short & abu Promax Walid), Abu Conolon & Abu Cardinal 301 (Eejat), Lemax & ??? (Eejat).

Till Next time!


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