Monday, June 7, 2010

Lua caya sama lua punya lure!!!

Baby Barramundi..wohhooo...400g pun jadilah!!Thanks to cameraman rois great choice for background..wahahaha banyaklah punya posing..
Surface popper gone wild..hehehe...Lure of the day..
Bon appetite..dinner serve prepared by Me..for family...
After for all this time misses of barra and lost of lure...Today, What a day at monster pond..just 1hour of fishing due to boat delay by rois and bad weather but finally every wasted time comes to worth..this is a proof that "Patient is the key of success". 400g baby barra successfully cooked and!!So happy..
This is my 4th catch of my new gear and suprisingly caught what i didnt expected with popper..rezeki tak kan kemana ..hehehe.Lastly,lid at least reply bah..miss call pun jadilah...hahahha....apa jua aku ni lid..hwahaha..goodluck esok lid..
To be continue...with more action and passion..


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