Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Return of the freshwater Sprinter!

Malung --- LICENCE APPROVED! with his 1st 500 gm Hampala Barb

the 3rd hampala barb for me this year! yeah!

Snapshot of the two hampala barb with the weapon.

Assalamualaikum all,

This trip were unplanned where we were targeting snakehead at first but looking at the weather it seems to be a good time for fishing hampala.. hehe so we decided to go to the barb spot and cast there. when we reached there the water were very promising and the weather were a little bit rainy. i cast my softbait at first and got a 2 hookup, one were small and the other manage to snap my 15 lbs line! it must been huge! malung cast at another spot not far from me and all of the sudden he shouted my name and i rushed towards him and shockingly he caught a hampala barb weighting 500gm using a spinner frog?? after we took a picture i decided to change to a topwater lure and cast to malung spot. i received 4 misses there! aghhh and after i changed to rapala skitter pop i hookup a barb weighting 400 gm! yeah!! malung received 3 hits in a row that time! it was a very enjoyable fishing trip and hope there will be another time like this in future.

Till Next time and stay tuned!

Lure: storm wildeye shad, echogear pencil, Rapala skitter pop
Leader line: 14.5 lbs and 15 lbs
Main line: 10 lbs and 8 lbs
Hits: FRENZY!!!
hookup: 2


Maria Meet Baby Cod

Cast toward a very fast moving water, just my luck using maria angel kiss yesterday.The water were not that really good these few days hope it will get better tomorrow! till next time and assalamualaikum


Evening with Jack

Echogear pencil lure Hookup a 350gm jack hehe using 15 lbs leader line. it was a last minute cast before the day were getting darker. More Update to come!!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Prawnstar Frenzy!!

Jack with Ranga! BE THE BAIT!

Estuary Cod with Ranga

Close Shot of the Mj with Prawnstar lumenite

I really love that colour! all red and mean! thanks nate! size umm around 600 gm I think.

Assalamualaikum all,

All Hookup were made by Nate - the guy who Hookup Barramundi with Ranga. He's really on fire with Prawnstar! wow! im really sure that he had fun fighting all this predators. im still wondering what tackle setup he's using to catch all these fishes but anyway thanks nate for sending me these pictures, really appreciate it!

Till next time and Stay tuned for the next Catch!

Lure: Prawnstar Ranga and Lumenite
Hookup : 3
Rod: shimano Basterra 7 ft
Reel: Shimano symtre 4000FJ
Main line: 15 lbs Powerpro


Sunday, July 18, 2010


assalamualaikum. kami plan kan lepak lepak bekurapak dtmpat kami slalu kunjungi untuk casting. nada niat kan mancing. ganya tuk membintur. nda batah atu berubah th utak masing masing kan mancing tia. gatal ati mliat aing pasang tghmlm atu. aku(eejat) kan mncuba umpan tilipia yang mana drng malung pernah cuba ada heng umpan talapia ne. ku cuba lam skali dua tu alum ada strike. ku cuba alih kan lagi pat lain. dmana baru  jua ku kan mlangkah kaki kan kpunduk. pelampung ku. hilang mengajut. apa lagi ku pump tia. hehe. ani th hasil nya.. MJ 700g dpt dnaik kan. berteknik kan pelampung. jam 4 pagi tadi. alhamdullilah ikan ne dlepas kan ksngkar tuk dplihara.sebaik saja dgmbar. chau!!


Monday, July 12, 2010

bottom fishing

method bottom fishing. hehe boring tyme ne.. ikan ne nda ku tau namanya. mcm ungah.. SIZE 43 SAFETYBOOT 1++kg barat nya. 3 hit dpt dnaik kan. yng lain putus tangsi. till nex time


Friday, July 9, 2010

Jack on shad

Lure: Rapala x-shad rap. and storm softbait

leader line: 20 lbs
main line: 10 lbs
hits: 4

started to cast at 8.30am this morning receive 1 hookup with x-shad rap. After that i change my lure to storm soft bait. i'm sure i received a solid hookup just now.. but hmm maybe it was misses only and at then end i checked my lure.. the hooks were blunt... aghhh haha... maybe it was not my luck.

Till next time! assalamualaikum


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blood UP! with Jack and Cod

1st hookup. Measured with BogaGrip weighting almost 600gm.

almost Black jack or is it my camera... i'm sure its red just now.

Lure: Prawnstar Bloodup Junior
leader line: 15 lbs
main line: 8 lbs
hits: didn't count.. hehe
Hookup: 2

Till next time and assalamualaikum


Monday, July 5, 2010

another day with Maria

"I love you maria......" ketambak said hahah

Lure: maria Angelkiss Redhead
hit: 1
Hookup: 1
leader line: 15 lbs
mainline: 8 lbs

Till Next time & assalamualaikum!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Prawnstar v.s Maria

Ketambak on Maria angel kiss lure. Effective in shallow water area.
Released to the wild again.. see you in the next fight!

mangrove jack on Prawnstar! nice catch by hilmi. p.s he only bought his prawnstar recently hehe
congratz hilmi!

Lure: prawnstar, Maria
Hits: 2
Hookup: 2
leader line: 15 lbs
mainline: 10 lbs
Weapon used: cardiff 201a with relix powershort. surecatch rod and reel.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Prawnstar Again by Founder..

Yesterday afternoon, out fishing with walid where we met members from "Geng Lumut anglers" on the area we casted.The sea water was great and waves as our challenge during our cast, the best thing was got the chance to watch few monster attacked their prey.
This picture will still haunt walid where i can say the last war for one of his favourite lure. Before i forget Catched was released.
Yang Belum order Prawnstar order tah.." Be The Bait"..To Be Continue..
Catch: - Baby Ketambak
Lure : - Prawnstar Ranga "junior"
Rod : - Abu Garcia Conolon
Spool : - Shimano Aernos


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Order your Prawnstar Now!

Assalamualaikum all,

To those who are interested in ordering prawnstar can email me at walid.yunos@gmail.com and can contact me at 8900935.

Your order must include:

Contact Number:
prawnstar: colour follow up with size, eg. ranga original, elnatural junior

size and colour can be found at http://www.primalfishing.com/

will start ordering at the end of july and insya allah the shipment will arrived around end of august.


another wild jack

Jack caught this morning only a few cast with my brand new lure that i bought yesterday.
an extra catch this morning. catfish hehe

leader line: 15 lbs
main line: 8lbs
Lure: Maria angelkiss
hits: 3
hookup: 2

till next time and assalamualaikum!


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