Monday, June 14, 2010

New Spot for jack!

Thats the new spot for jack! everywhere there's JACK! JACK! and JACK!
and at the back.. the storm is coming! better move out fast!

Assalamualaikum all, yesterday me and mr.x found another ground of fishing jack. but we haven't explore all of the area due to lack of time, food and the weather.. miss a lot of hook up from jack and they were feeding frenzy at that time! i used just one lure yesterday and yes its PRAWNSTAR again.. i just loved the color ranga and it gives me more confident because of the brackish water. As my prawnstar just reach to the deepest part of the water, just a few flick there were a slight pull and another strong pull but alas the fish got away. This happened several times.. i only managed to get only a grouper and Jack. i hope one day we will explore this area again! till next time! thanks for viewing

note: after picture were taken fish were released.

Lure: Prawnstar Ranga Junior
Leader line: 15 lbs
Hits: Frenzy!
Hookup: 2


Kb-ians Friday hits..

-: Total Catch of the day: -
2nd Barra of the day 200g
1st 500g Barra with Original Prawn but not star..hehehe...
Hafis with live bait 400g ketambak
-:Above are all the cheated catches but its worth for the day: -
-:4th and Final Casted catch of the day a 500g M.J by Ejat with Prawnstar:-
3rd Casted caught a Cravalle Jack with Rapala Shad Rap
-:2nd Catch casted Baby M.J with trusted Prawnstar by Walid:-
-: 1st catch of the day by Walid with Prawnstar: -
What a tiring day of fishing last week friday, but I'm happy and feel satisfied eventhough i fish from 7am till almost 7pm but one great thing beside caught a fish was got the chances to fish and hangout with almost full squad of KB-ians team. Where walid, Hafish, eejat, Helmi and featuring from K025 Kenny and Mr.padddle boy..were present..hehehe..
But neway, the extra credit for that day was i caught both barramundi where walid as my background of the picture...he got a strike from barra but misses.still not his luck but one day he will..cause he will never give up...Believe it or not...Strange but true..hehehehe...But neway congratz to all that caught the fish on the day for those who dont never give up and try what Mr.paddleboy in his saying : - "IKAN BERENANG"..hahaha
To be continue....with more action ...


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