Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rezeki di bulan ramadhan


hello anglers.. tyme bulan puasa ne ada jua kmi turun ah...
caught severals tarpoon n snakeheads p bnyk yg na smpt gambar. n c apiz pun bnyk bnr miss nya..
syok jua popping snakehead ne.. bth dh na cua2.. ne kn cua g smoothing kn cara presentation lure 2 :) juz beginning.. if anglers2 ada tips2 bleh la share2 cana cara retrieve lure yg effective.. n jenis2 warna yg sesuai 4 dalak brunei ne :)


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fishing Trip to Perth Pt 2 cont. : Trouts picts

eheh some of the pics that i have... enjoy :)


Monday, August 17, 2009

Fishing Trip to Perth pt 2 : TROUT!!!

Assalamualaikum and Hello again! :)

now my next trip is actually a 45 minutes drive from perth city.. which was actually a recreational fishing spot ( ehhe men buyuk jap sal nya pyh kn cri guide d sana). the name of that place is Golden Pond where we can fish all types of fish variety which is bream, carp, trout and some rumors from the people there that there was actually BARRA there.. but since it was a very cold weather the barra was not that active..

This location is actually near the fishing spot n i really like the view here... :) juz green everywhere... eheh
ahhh at last finally reach to the destination.. well this is the fishing store and and they actually sell fish here and breed them.. asked the counter for tips before fishing and sold me some pellets here... and that was it.. it was a warm welcome from them and there were actually kinda friendly :) ( sorry didnt took alot of pics coz i was so excited to catch my first trout eheh!

yeah!! my first trout.. it was a good fight.. using a float rig. well im not done yet wanna catch alot of it and it takes a little skill to hook up this baby.. and since there were spoiled already it is even more harder to catch the big ones.. so again asked tips from people there eheh ( mls ku kn malu2 g)

yeap another trout.. caught 4 trouts in the first location and released them again to the pond. the were very fragile actually so have to handle them with care.
This was the BOY who actually told me theres a huge trout at the next location and barramundi ( nampak ku sendiri melintas tpt next spot ku ytah ku cast len pulang menyangkut trout jua lagi eheh). he was pretty expert at fishing and used a good gear for fishing and knows alot of trick catching trout.. eheh li8 tah ku tu aksi nya curi2 idea cna kn tangkap. biz 2 makan ku jap rah cafe sana n continue the next expedition to the next location :D

NEXT : Fishing trip to Perth pt 3 : Tips & Tricks of catching Huge Trout!
( in the pond that is) :)

Stay tune and see u next time! :)


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fishing Trip to Perth pt.1 THE BEGINNING

hello there! this time fishing trip is to Perth which only consist of 1 member of kb-ians.

well original my plan was to go to the SAMSON JIGGING trip in WA. but unfortunately the condition of the sea there is rough... so had to change to a land based fishing...

do a little shopping equipment. got my new abu grasia spinner and a 6" berkley rod.. with 15lbs braided line.. got all of it for only $100..

in front of my apartment where i'm staying. so actually im walking here and there alone.. finding the lubok's- lubok's ahaha... and the weather was very damn cold...
the 1st lubok's that i found... ahah but didn't have any experience fishing here.. so just cast using a rubber lure and lost most of it.. ahah so i talked with some people there and got new information.. well the target fish here were actually bream and mulloway.. which they used very tiny lure and some river prawns to catch them.. but my squidgies might actually work if i cross the bridge where the water is deep there.. so what the hell.. ahah lets cross the bridge...

yeap found sombody fishing there.. they caught some bream and buntal.. it was good sign... i've got a little hook up too but sadly non of them were a solid hookup.. ahah
n the day ends with a very strong storm...

NEXT TO COME: Fishing Trip at perth pt.2 TROUT ATTACK!!

stay tune :)


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hafushh JACK'S day

hello :D syok c apiz ri ne na sia2 ya bgun awl n mancing g ahah... ri ne ri ya la bnyk ya dpt ungah ah betubi2 kana strike pancing nya mun na bnyk g ne menyangkut.. hehe aku dpt kerapu 2 ja ahha.. p syok la ya ri ne excited muanya 2 jua mcm mr. Ram Le ahahahaha jan marah. start mancing td lam kul 8 n alek kul 11.. den cri hot spot len... p na jua dpt ehhe

nanti g kn cua mancing tpt len ah.. that 1 spot td bnr2 mcm promising p umpan ja abiz bnyk ranting gugur n pokok gugur eheh mcm rumah ikan sul nya.. :D till next time bye

thanks for viewing :)

caught of the day: 4 jacks and 1 grouper
bait : live prawn size 7, 5 and 3

some of it catch and release only the biggest kmi mbil blek sal tais luir batah dh na makan ungah ahah.


Thursday, August 6, 2009


catch of the day:

hafushh : grouper not so hardcore 1

eheh pish bnyk ah strike mu ri ne p na menyangkut ja p ok la grouper leh mu :)

war : Mangroove jack 1

btah ku nunggu ikan ne muncul bruta ri ne timbul eheh alhamdulilah jua la dpt ikan ne.. p urg d atas 2 sakit ati sal ya mo mangroove jack 2 ehe len x cuba k?? BE STRONG ahahahhahaha

p.s : thanks ah jat minjam kn kail mu ahah walaupun ku na minta izin

and not forget salman and azzrul from BOTS dgni kmi mancing thanks :P


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