Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Return of the freshwater Sprinter!

Malung --- LICENCE APPROVED! with his 1st 500 gm Hampala Barb

the 3rd hampala barb for me this year! yeah!

Snapshot of the two hampala barb with the weapon.

Assalamualaikum all,

This trip were unplanned where we were targeting snakehead at first but looking at the weather it seems to be a good time for fishing hampala.. hehe so we decided to go to the barb spot and cast there. when we reached there the water were very promising and the weather were a little bit rainy. i cast my softbait at first and got a 2 hookup, one were small and the other manage to snap my 15 lbs line! it must been huge! malung cast at another spot not far from me and all of the sudden he shouted my name and i rushed towards him and shockingly he caught a hampala barb weighting 500gm using a spinner frog?? after we took a picture i decided to change to a topwater lure and cast to malung spot. i received 4 misses there! aghhh and after i changed to rapala skitter pop i hookup a barb weighting 400 gm! yeah!! malung received 3 hits in a row that time! it was a very enjoyable fishing trip and hope there will be another time like this in future.

Till Next time and stay tuned!

Lure: storm wildeye shad, echogear pencil, Rapala skitter pop
Leader line: 14.5 lbs and 15 lbs
Main line: 10 lbs and 8 lbs
Hits: FRENZY!!!
hookup: 2


Maria Meet Baby Cod

Cast toward a very fast moving water, just my luck using maria angel kiss yesterday.The water were not that really good these few days hope it will get better tomorrow! till next time and assalamualaikum


Evening with Jack

Echogear pencil lure Hookup a 350gm jack hehe using 15 lbs leader line. it was a last minute cast before the day were getting darker. More Update to come!!


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