Friday, May 21, 2010

its good ITS GOOD!

Fish - kalakitok
location - swiiming pool
line 8lbs
rod - conolon abu garcia
lure - popper murah saja


Terpaksa Membuyuk@ Area51

1st catch of the day with live bait by Mr. Sangkar
800g Mangrove Jack Biggest Catch of the day with live bait kai Kirikan ja
Due to heavy rain, my gear got a bit minor problem..sad jua awal2 sal payah kan cast...finally sal kirikan happy jua lah dapat jua as stated above a2...hehehe..Lastly,would like to thanks to Mr.sangkar Handphone sal Menghiburkan kami for almost 9 hours di dalam..wkwkwkwkxixixixixi Ketawa si Mr.sangkar..hahahha..
Catch: - 5 Mangrove Jack & 4 Sembilang( Not in the Picture)
Lure: - Live Bait $1-2 & $1 - 5

I'll Be Back!!hahaha


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