Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back To Warzone


Lure: Berkley Gulp! Alive! shrimp
Leader line: 15 lbs
Hits: 2
Hookup: 1

Today i decided to go hunting jack & barra at the place where we called warzone and in the same time im testing my new rig whether its a snagproof or not.. its been a while since i went fishing there and not even once i caught a fish there using casting method. So, today's objectives was catching Jack & testing my new rig.

I tried retrieving my lure very slowly and my lure sank to the deepest area purposely letting my lure get stuck, but yet it didn't! :D Not long after that.. very slowly retrieved my lure making it like a real fleeing injured prawn.. out of nowhere a strong strike hit my lure and pulling my drag very violently. it took me about 6 minutes to land this fish and as the jack reached near me. i grabbed my gripper and yes! an 800gm Mangrove jack landed! after taking a picture ( Thanks to Kenny for the pix. really appreciate it) and admiring the beauty. i decided to release it since i remembered mangrove jack take a long period of time to grow in size and the population of it now is getting lesser.. so i set it free. :)

Practice catch & release

Till Next Time.


Monday, February 22, 2010

The Return of the Hunter

Just love that Jack!

Biat: live Prawn
Hookup: 3

Its been a while since two of our member went out hunting. yesterday while me and Eejat were casting, two of our member decided to have a fishing trip. After a 1 year fishing break Ejan caught a 400 gm mangrove that day hehe.. Malung caught 2 fish that day. Congrats bro and welcome back! Hope we can organize a fishing trip reunion some other day.

Till next time!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ini saja yg mampu

Cast using berkley gulp! alive shrimp. Still hunting for the Jack & Barramundi..
Till next time assalamualaikum.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Berkley Gulp! alive Shrimp.

Today's Menu : Natural Shrimp

1st hookup: ketambak, ranging around 100gm

2nd hookup: ranging around 200gm. the Gulp were torn apart by the barracuda..

Lure: Berkley Gulp! Alive Shrimp
Leader line: 15 lbs
hits: moderate
Hookup: 2


Today i'm experimenting on my new lure that is the Gulp Alive Shrimp.. i used a Texas style rig and just present it to how deep i want my lure to swim.. the 1st hookup i retrieve my lure slowly so it reach to the deepest area of the water. hoping i would catch a jack. after a few cast i received a hookup. it was very fun fighting with it and this was my first time having to hook a ketambak using casting lure method. hehe

my 2nd hookup happened when i retrieved gulp a little bit faster with jerking action so gulp could flee like a real shrimp.i cast it to the the direction of the flowing current as if the shrimp were washed away by the current. not long after that the barra strike my lure and simultaneously torn Shrimp apart! A very violent fish.. luckily its teeth were nowhere near my leader line.. hehe.. fuhh..

Hope you enjoy the pics & till next time!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Luretest on Snakehead.

My new lure. kinda look like fish..

The 300gm snakehead

Assalamualaikum. Just a quick test on a new lure that i bought for $9.00 this morning. Cast at 12 pm afternoon... Weather was very hot so decided to cast it for few times only. The first and the third cast i received 2 hits in a row. Not long after the Fifth Cast i hookup a 300gm Snakehead.. hehe now i can measure the weight since i bought the new gripper also. Then i stopped casting and went home... conclusion is MAYBE this lure is good for slightly deep water.. around 4-5ft.. so gonna try it again on late afternoon. :D

Till next Time!
p.s sorry for the bad pictures.. my camera is broken already..


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Forgotten Tarpon.

Thursday, 11th Febuary 2010

Lure using Rapala, just 1 hookup. lupa la nak post hehe..


Snakehead Hunt Continues..

Eejat the first hookup of the day. 900gm ( tyme ne drg ko25 & t.k bru sampai eheh)

2nd hookup by walid. medium weight

3rd hookup by walid, medium size

Just love that 4th solid hookup!

4th hookup done by Eejat. 600 gm

5th hookup done by Eejat ranging around 500gm

Lure: Eupro [Spinner MOD], bakau [Spinner MOD], Thai Frog [Spinner MOD], Bakau Frog.
Hits: Frenzy
Hookup: 5

Hunting with Eejat, Ko25 & T.K.. This time it was very2 frenzy! Started hunting at 7.00am
eejat caught 3, T.k caught 3, walid caught 2, kenny caught 1.

Till next Time!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

The hunt begins.

1st hookup..
2nd hookup.
3rd hookup! Hat trick!
4th hookup!!
5th hookup!!! just love that size!
A potrait of snakehead family with my abu Weapon.

Lure: eupro Frog [spinner mod].
leader line: 15 lbs
hits: Frenzy
Hookup: 5

assalamualaikum. Trip hari ne ku memajal g d snakehead haven.. jam kul 9 tyme.. n usulnya air mkin naik p nda pa ah cuba saja tia.. apa lagi nda tahan hehe cast tia.. den 1st cast ku dpt ku 1 ekor snakehead besaiz medium.. dlm anggaran 500-600 gm.. den cast g ku blek2 miscall.. den out of nowhere kana sambar lagi n dpt dalak small size. den cast g dpt g dalak saiz large.. hehe best aeh pagi 2.. den berehat ku skajap sementara menunggu KO25 & T.K..

den 2nd trip kmi.. dalak sana kurang active ah sal nya tgh ari dh.. p memjal jua kmi hehe.. 4th strike ku dpt dalak saiz large jua.. and not long after dat KO25 dpt dalak saiz large jua! congratz to KO25 for renew lesen dalak nya! nda batah 2 teli8 ku dalak basar dkat kaki ku.. apa lagi ku jauh2 ku dri sana n cast and retrieve slow blek2.. last2 brutah ya hookup lure ku! fuhh memang syok tarikan nya.. last2 naik dalak kn around 2 kg! a new personal record. hari 2 mkin panas dah ytah paksa stop ah p apa2 pun alhamdulilah n next time g mencuba! :D

Till next time!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Snakehead Haven

assalamualaikum. Trip hari ne hanya memakan masa 30 min saja.. d snakehead heaven yg mana lama sudah ditinggalkn dan dibiarkan.. bnyak perubahan d sana p yg best nya perubahan sana dalak nya makin banyak n basar2 hehe. dlm 30 min ku mengcast lebih dari 15 miscal ku dpt ah.. n dalak nya pun dalam 1 kumpulan. aku pun heran.. p ytah sulnya dsana 2.

hari ne lure yg dipakai ialah eupro and d modified pakai kekipas.. batah udah ku mengidam menstrike dalak pakai ne.. n tadi 1 dalak telapas anggaran 2 kg.... so suk pagi majal ku dsana!!

Till next time.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Grouper & Jack

Afternoon, 8th february 2010

Lure: prawnstar & umpan udang mati.
leader line: 15 lbs
Hits: poor
Hookup: 5

the water was not very good today at our fishing spot.. but we were able to catch some of it using prawnstar just some smallies and a 4oo gm grouper (cod). still hunting for the barramundi & big jack.

Till next time. assalamualaikum.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Prawnstar did it again!

Afternoon, 7.02.2010

lure: prawnstar, Yo-zuri, Rapala skitter pop.
Hits: Frenzy
hookup: 3
Hookoff: 6


unplanned trip ri ne kira kn buat comparison between prawnstar lure, yo-zuri & rapala skitter popper. awal2 kmi dua kai yo-zuri ada plg sambaran nya p nda bnyk ah. so kmi dua tukar g kai rapala skitter pop. c eejat miss ntah brapa ka n aku kana sambar and hookoff 1. out of nowhere alu2 menyambar dri bawah atu airborn rapala ku ma alu2 2 hehe.
den kmi tkar g prawnstar, last lure kmi. ternyata antara ke 3 lure ne, prawnstar bnyk yg miss and c eejat hookoff 3 & aku hookoff 2. den c c eejat hookup ketambak kai prawnstar. atu siuk meliat ya hehe.. den abiz begambar pa lapaskn... cuba ya g dlm sx cast ja naik g ungah 500gm!Prawnstar just did it again!

Till next time!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

What a Naughty Jack!

FRIDAY, 6th febuary 2010.

lure: Yo-zuri & bomber
leader line: 15 lbs
hits: 5
hookup: 1
line break: 1


on Friday morning we decided to hunt for mangrove jack and Barramundi at the fishing spot. As soon as we reached there, we saw lots of mullets fleeing from the spot as if there were a big fish hunting them. so i decided to use a green bomber and eejat use a Yo-zuri lure and we start cast. i receive a slight hit from an unknown fish and eejat also received a 2nd hit. we were confident that our lure is best for the situation there. Not long after that Eejat received a very strong hookup and it was a Barramundi! we saw its tail splashing all over and it appear to be a 3-5 kg barra but luck wasn't at our side.. the line broke just for only 10 sec..

Next without giving up i cast again and received a hookup. it was a jack and it pulled my lure to its ambush area and stuck my lure a some sort of a cotton fabrics. it took me nearly 15 min to pull this rascal out hehe and my remote alarm got soaked too.. hehe

we took a picture of it and released it to the wild :) till next time!

practice catch & release.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hot sunny fishing day.


Afternoon, 4.02.2010
Lure: Yozuri, Live Prawn
hits: Frenzy
hookup: 7

Congratz to eejat membaru lesen ungah nya kai yozuri!You're the Best! and congratz to Mr.X heheh gambar diatas sekali dengan tubuh badannya yg tegap! haha. All fish range around 350-600 gm. unable to capture two pictures of the fish ( Mangrove jack & Crevalle jack) coz my battery run flat...

All fish Were Caught & Released! Till next time!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Escape to Walpole PT 4

bream! yeah!
uhh.. mcm pink snapper jua ah.. p alum confirm ah.. hehe

and ikan apa ne ah.. hehe bnyk bnr jenis ikan d sana 2 mcm kirong2 usul tarisnya hehe.

Everything was caught and released. :)


Tarpon, Jack and The Cat


lure: Prawnstar, Rapala Team Esco and Doubletail Softbait
Hits: Moderate
Hookup: 3

Alhamdulilah ada jua hook a juvenile jack kai prawnstar hehe.. nda menghampakan prawnstar ne.. lapas begambar mcm biasa lapaskn suma supaya maintain population ikan d brunei ne. c eejat kai rapala team Esco and hooked a catfish hehe.. and kai doubletail hooked a tarpon.

till next time!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Using my brand New Abu Conolon 10-20lbs. A perfect rod for the Prawnstar because of the stiffness and the sensitive action!
A Solid hookup! at the middle hook! (nda nampak matakail 2 sal d dlm mulutnya)

Morning, 2.02.2010
Lure: Prawnstar Original
Leader line: 15 lbs
Hits: 2
Hookup: 1

Today i went to the fishing spot using only Prawnstar original lure. Thanks to kenny ( ) for introducing this lure. This lure is very effective because of the flicking tail action ( ekornya begarak tyme d jerk) and it is a snag prof lure. and i think kenny also are trying it right now hahaha...

will try to order it again in the end of febuary...
Till next time!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Duel with Eagleray Video

sorry for the small screen.. its really a big file so i have to compress it.. well enjoy watching :)

all line were broke after dragging the fish to the land as i was only using 15lbs to pull those monsters.


Escape to Walpole PT 3

Another Update on my fishing trip to Walpole

hits: alot using bloodworm and prawn
weather: slightly cold
hookup: uncountable and 1 Eagleray.

Mind anyone Telling me what species of fish is this? :)

another unknown fish i hooked. its cute and the best part is its jumping flying all around :D

A snapshot when Dueling with the Eagle Ray! just love That BEND!

The Eagleray! ranging around 5 kg. this was my 2nd strike on the trip. Look at that furious yellow eye!

Till Next time. Assalamualaikum.


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