Thursday, October 28, 2010

kerapu kain..

hanirul with his grouper on Storm hard lure

aher-aher kan tghari baruth ada hit, putus ekong SP la. kerapu masuk lam kain la. hahaha. and the grouper was caught, captured and released.. chau!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yellow Wednesday

a 400gm specimen jack. first catch of the day.

LURE: Berkley yellow mullet, Yellow santek 7gm Jighead - code name: the banana

2nd hookup after 1 hour of searching the hot spot. a 100gm estuary cod using also the banana

last catch of the day. 600 gm jack on banana once more! yeah!

Jack: "Banana!?"

All Fish were caught on my medium heavy tackle: 15 lbs spiderwire braid main line, 20 lbs berley vanish leader line, c3000 aernos reel and an abu garcia 10-20lbs conolon rod.

and yeah we still practice catch and release :)

Till next time and assalamualaikum!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Kelab Malam ada heng lagi..

200gm faded MJ By Izzato

Walids first hookup on 3gm spoon :D tarpon

Tiny Crevalley Jack on Echogear shrimp :)

Thats for today catches, till next time and assalmualaikum :)


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Drag that 4 lbs!

snakehead on medium heavy tackle!

Welcome to the UL family, Anres Flit and Yuzori. both lures are under 6gm! yeah!

Tarpon on my custom pearl white colour. glad its working

my third barra for this year!! keep on coming and bring your parents!

Barra: "Grrr *munch* *munch* what you're looking at!?"

A 400gm specimen using 4 lbs line. drag my cardiff like woah!!

loving that Big eye! say cheese tarpy! hehe
Eejat: "Don't move! i love my calcutta, Don't scatch it!"

Eejat: "uuuyeah! Best!"

Till next time and assalamualaikum!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Latest fishing Activities

Caught a tarpon. decent size. 4lbs line :)

Juvenile jack on my favorite lure. wee!

Marble goby on HINOMIYA SP! nirul: "Pukulan Hinomiya tuu!!"

Nirul's First Freshwater Licence: snakehead! haven't seen this guy for a while! CONGRATULATION!

2nd Licence! weighting 1kg above. woahh!! Nirul on fire!!
nirul: "Pukulan Hinomiya jua bah!"

Solid Hookup! such a beauty!

Look at that scale! its brown!

Solid hookup on eejat! *accident*

ejat: tarik perlahan2 ah lid?
walid: bh ok..ok tahan saja ah? 1 2 3! *tarik ngajut*
ejat: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! b*d*h! laju jua tu ko tarik!!


Welcoming our new family member: shimano clarus medium power rating 8-17lbs and....

shimano calcutta 101B another JAPANESE DOMESTIC REEL

siid: JDR!!

Added with 14 lbs line! such a beauty! This Tackle setup is owned by Eejat.

Till next time and Assalamualaikum :)


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hanirul on action

assalamualikum, Casting start 3.30pm at lorong tujuh, but no action, no miscall at all.
4.30pm we decide to move at Sg bera,..

Hanirul with 520gm tarpon, using "hinomiya SP luntur". HAHA

6.30pm. time to pack off. Sah! 520gm, with digital scaling, HAHA. CHAU!..


Saturday, October 9, 2010

today report.( sesi petang)

assalamualaikum, taduh saja hujan tadi ptg dalam kul 3.30pm tarus ku planning kan cast di seria lagi.. and terjumpa drng si zool, megat Kumeng and ken Zou.. featuring cast sma drng la.. first two cast, ada misscol, kuat ugat nya.. aku cast lagi balik tmpt atu. Ani nah hasil nya..

muka manyak senyum tu. 600gm mangrove jack "pukulan hinomiya SP "

Crocs size 10. hehe



Today report

assalamualaikum.. today casting start at 7.30am with hanirul and thomas. first spot we cast at lorong tujuh London bridge. just got one miscall from tarpon. Around 8.30am, we moved to next location at Sg. bera. and this is the result.. hehe . enjoy

Hanirul with his 200gm barramundi. using his favorite lure "hinomiya SP"

My tarpon compare with big size "suci bottle". Good size hehe

10.30am off to Zuki breakfast( kes puas hati) haha.. barra, catch, capture and release. The tarpon(critical), thomas bring it for his lunch. ahaha. chau!!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

jalan-jalan cari ikan...

assalamualaikum. today, me and malung start casting at 4.15pm.. the picture below is the result hehe. enjoy..

tarpon strike.. on SP storm

well expect the unexpected spot. ku sangka kan bulan saja idup tmpt mcm ani rpanya ada baby selungsung. strike by malung.. congrats!

5pm. move to another spot. spot biasa..

ungah junior..

2nd ungah using ecogear sinking light tackle. just one cast then strike..

tarpon junior..

all fish was catch, capture and release.. chau.!


Monday, October 4, 2010

3 days fishing.

Assalamualaikum viewers and readers.

Me, izzat and ali (k2g Crew) were hunting hampala barb on saturday morning. we were using light tackles and most of us got misses from the barb. it was very frenzy that cool morning but as the sun were rising up. the barb weren't hitting anymore. so we decided to call it a day :)

my first Hampala catch on 4 lbs line. even thought it was small but it was fun! hehe
i caught 2 hampala that day but i only manage to take only 1 picture..

This afternoon i went to the Warzone, caught only one cod and 1 fish managed to dragged my cardiff like hell! even with the drag set is at its maximum, my cardiff were not able to withstand the pulling force of the fish and lastly my line broke and left me with questions.. haha i think it was a 3-4 kg grouper.. or a big jack. i don't know but sure it was a hell of a fight! i'll get you next time!
The only estuary cod i managed to catch this afternoon.. using medium tackle. mainline 10 lbs to leader 15 lbs, using berkley gulp alive!

After the casting session at warzone, i went home and change my gear and targeting some smallies. At first i was targeting talapia with Storm Grasshopper, but none of the fish were biting the lures, so i decided to change to my favorite echogear shrimp. i caught one tarpon and decided to let it go without taking picture. playing with tarpon with UL tackle was a very exiting experi
ence. You can feel it pulling it and see it flying with your mini lures. after a few cast i was hit by a strong strike and for sure i wasn't expecting anything but a decent size tarpon. but after i pull out the fish to the land. i was surprise that it was a juvenile barra! haha at last i renewed my barra licence eventhough it was a small one. hehe.

My first barra this year weighting only 100gm i guess. using a 4 lbs line (direct) and echogear shrimp lure. SUGOI!!

after taking the picture. i decided to cast again at the same spot. and with only one cast. BOOM! another barra took my lure and dragging my Cardiff Area! These barra were jumping everywhere.
after a few minutes of fight. i landed the barra and guessing it was only 300gm or less hehe.

The biggest catch of the day! Barramundi. luckily the owner hook of the echogear were penetrating solidly at its mouth. if not i wont be able to take this picture hehe.

and not to forget....




Friday, October 1, 2010

Ultra light Tackle Field test

Assalamualaikum. these 3 days i decided to try out my UL tackle in 3 locations and it proves that this tackle is most suitable in small and shallow area in addition fishes must be there hehe :) the cardiff area feels smooth when casting, retrieve speed is suitable for any condition from slow flowing water to fast moving water, and i really can't feel any vibration during retrieving! and with 4 lbs line it shoots even the smallest lures till 20ft distance like bullet! with this tackle i also can feel every hits and every bumps from the fish and structure beneth the water very2 sensitive.. but 2 of the cons this UL tackle is the knot im using... i have to be careful of tying the knot because i have lost 3 lures when casting it and now i'm trying to research a stronger knot. KO25 suggested me in using FG knot.. which i'm not really familiar with.. and its complicated to tie it haha!
the other cons of the UL tackle is when we're fishing at a windy condition, targeting spot will be very hard for it because lures and line tend to blown away by the wind. here's the latest catch with cardiff area and clarus:

Jack on Strikepro lure. ranging 100 - 150gm
the pull were very violent and i can feel every pull with the tackle!
another jack ranging below 100gm

jack on yuzori pin's minnow. kinda like the action of this lure :)

another hit from strike pro lure

a tryout on 'Pinky' storm lure

crevally jack on echogear shrimp lure

and lastly tarpon on echogear lure.

all fish ranging from 50gm to 150gm i guess. Its very enjoyable to fish and i suggest you guys to try it out and explore another game fishing experience. till next time and assalamualaikum

Lure: echogear shrimp, Yozuri pin's minnow, strikepro, storm Sp lures.
Hits: Frenzy!
Hookup: 10 i guess in 3 days. (some pictures were not taken)
Line: mainline: 4 lbs
Leader: 8 lbs


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