Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Using my brand New Abu Conolon 10-20lbs. A perfect rod for the Prawnstar because of the stiffness and the sensitive action!
A Solid hookup! at the middle hook! (nda nampak matakail 2 sal d dlm mulutnya)

Morning, 2.02.2010
Lure: Prawnstar Original
Leader line: 15 lbs
Hits: 2
Hookup: 1

Today i went to the fishing spot using only Prawnstar original lure. Thanks to kenny ( http://ko25.blogspot.com/ ) for introducing this lure. This lure is very effective because of the flicking tail action ( ekornya begarak tyme d jerk) and it is a snag prof lure. and i think kenny also are trying it right now hahaha...

will try to order it again in the end of febuary...
Till next time!


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