Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hampala Barb Made Our Day

First Hampala Barb Using Rapala Team Esco, Small Size
Eejat With The 2nd Hampala Barb. (^^.)
2nd Hampala Barb Using Rapala Skitter Pop. Medium size
Just Loving the Beauty Carnivor!

Afternoon, 19th January 2010

Lure: Rapala Team Esco, Rapala Shad Rap, Rapala Skitter Popper.
Leader line: 15 lbs & 20 Lbs
Hits: moderate
Hookup: 2

Went to Ulu Tutong to hunt Hampala Barb with Eejat. As we reached to the fishing spot, There were alot of Barb roaming around the surface. Eejat made the First Cast and got a hit but his line tangled around his lure and miss it.. Then i made several cast and a Big Barb took my lure.. i was in a stunned how big it was and misses the hookup.. We didnt give up and we cast it to the same spot again. Tiny Barb took my lure and hook up! yeah! the Barb tried to escape to the snaggy area but i pumped it and yes my first 2010 Hampala Barb landed! Then it was quiet as if there were no Barb around.... We tried & tried and change various lures.. but there were no sign of barb hunting our lure..

Then.... i tried casting to another spot.. made several cast then out of nowhere a Big splash hit my lure! and miss it.. then tried again since there were signs of the barb hunting it prey. made one very narrow cast through the snaggy area.. saw the barb attracted to my lure and then BAM! Hookup! struggling to fight the barb from the snaggy area pump it and landed my 2nd Hampala Barb 2010!

Till Next Time. Assalamualaikum


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