Saturday, February 20, 2010

Berkley Gulp! alive Shrimp.

Today's Menu : Natural Shrimp

1st hookup: ketambak, ranging around 100gm

2nd hookup: ranging around 200gm. the Gulp were torn apart by the barracuda..

Lure: Berkley Gulp! Alive Shrimp
Leader line: 15 lbs
hits: moderate
Hookup: 2


Today i'm experimenting on my new lure that is the Gulp Alive Shrimp.. i used a Texas style rig and just present it to how deep i want my lure to swim.. the 1st hookup i retrieve my lure slowly so it reach to the deepest area of the water. hoping i would catch a jack. after a few cast i received a hookup. it was very fun fighting with it and this was my first time having to hook a ketambak using casting lure method. hehe

my 2nd hookup happened when i retrieved gulp a little bit faster with jerking action so gulp could flee like a real shrimp.i cast it to the the direction of the flowing current as if the shrimp were washed away by the current. not long after that the barra strike my lure and simultaneously torn Shrimp apart! A very violent fish.. luckily its teeth were nowhere near my leader line.. hehe.. fuhh..

Hope you enjoy the pics & till next time!


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