Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back To Warzone


Lure: Berkley Gulp! Alive! shrimp
Leader line: 15 lbs
Hits: 2
Hookup: 1

Today i decided to go hunting jack & barra at the place where we called warzone and in the same time im testing my new rig whether its a snagproof or not.. its been a while since i went fishing there and not even once i caught a fish there using casting method. So, today's objectives was catching Jack & testing my new rig.

I tried retrieving my lure very slowly and my lure sank to the deepest area purposely letting my lure get stuck, but yet it didn't! :D Not long after that.. very slowly retrieved my lure making it like a real fleeing injured prawn.. out of nowhere a strong strike hit my lure and pulling my drag very violently. it took me about 6 minutes to land this fish and as the jack reached near me. i grabbed my gripper and yes! an 800gm Mangrove jack landed! after taking a picture ( Thanks to Kenny for the pix. really appreciate it) and admiring the beauty. i decided to release it since i remembered mangrove jack take a long period of time to grow in size and the population of it now is getting lesser.. so i set it free. :)

Practice catch & release

Till Next Time.


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